Student Conferences

How to book

Teachers are invited to book up to 25 students and up to five accompanying members of staff to attend one of the Conferences. The events are for students based in the UK only and bookings must be made in school/college groups using the booking form for the respective conference (on the right-hand side). If you are a student, please speak to your Head of Sixth Form/HE Advisor for more information.

On the booking form there are three ticket types:

  • Main Contact Teacher - the member of staff coordinating the conference at your school/college should register using this. A 'Main Contact Teacher' ticket should be selected and fully completed for your original booking. 
  • Additional Teacher - additional staff that will be accompanying on the day.
  • Year 12 Student Ticket

Please note: all tickets will go to the email address registered in the 'Your Information' section and not the 'Main Contact Teacher email address'.

Please seriously consider the number of tickets you are requesting as overbooking affects the number of schools/colleges able to attend. The number of places may be restricted in the future for those schools/colleges that bring significantly fewer students than places booked.

After submitting the form, you will receive an email confirming your booking. This email has your tickets to the conference attached and you will need to bring them with you to gain entry. If you experience difficulties in completing the online booking form please contact the Student Conferences Team on 01223 765514.

Information you will need

Before you begin your booking you will need the information listed below.

URN - You will need to provide your school or college Department of Education Unique Reference Number (URN) which can be found by searching here.

Student information - You will need the following information for each student booking on to the event:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Home postcode
  • Details on any disabilities and/or additional adjustments

If you do not have student information to hand you are still able to reserve places but we ask that you update the booking within two weeks, or your order will be cancelled.

Reserving places

Please note the deadline for reserving student places is Monday 26th February. After this time you will only be able to book tickets by entering full student information. Any bookings for reserved places made after this date will be automatically cancelled. 

If you would like to provisionally reserve places at a Student Conference before confirming the student details please fill in the booking form for the conference you wish to attend, using the following details for the student fields:

  • Student Name: Reserve Student
  • Student Date of Birth: 00/00/0000
  • Student Postcode: XX00 0XX
  • Please select 'Prefer not to say' for gender and reasonable adjustments questions.

Once you have completed the booking with the above information, you will have two weeks to log back into Eventbrite and update the booking, ensuring the full details of each student attending have been entered. If we do not receive the updated booking form within the two weeks, your reserved places will be cancelled. Your booking is not confirmed until you have provided full details for each student attending.

It is imperative that bookings are updated with full and correct student information. We scan our booking data to check for mistakes, and if we find incorrect or inaccurate information you will be contacted to amend it. 

If you do not need all reserved tickets you originally booked, these will be deleted from your booking after two weeks, so they are released back into the system for others to use.

Changing information

If a student for whom you originally reserved a place is no longer able to attend, you may substitute another student by returning to the Eventbrite booking system (see above) and amending the details. This should take place before the start of the event.

Please note: If the staff attending the event change, please log in to Eventbrite to amend the teacher details.

Additional Places

Below 25

If you have booked less than 25 student tickets but would like to add more to your booking (up to the 25 cap), please email us at to receive a code that will unlock extra tickets. Please note: you must include your original Eventbrite booking confirmation number in any order for additional student tickets, as prompted by the Eventbrite booking form. 

Above 25

If you have booked the maximum 25 places, but would like to request more student places please download and complete the form below, and return it to We allocate extra places on a case by case basis. 

Additional Place Request Form

Receiving your ticket

A confirmation e-ticket email should be sent to you shortly after you have submitted your booking request. If this has not happened, you may have mistyped your email address or there may be an error with the booking form. If your e-ticket has not arrived 24 hours after you made your booking, please contact the Student Conferences Team on 01223 765514.

On the day of the event, each attendee needs their own ticket with them. Please make sure each student and member of staff have the most up-to-date version of their ticket.

Please see the FAQs page for further information.