Compass Toolkit

A website with free resources aimed at raising aspirations and attainment in young carers.


Compass: Young Carers began as a programme for Year 10 and Year 11 students with caring responsibilities in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. The programme ran physically for four years, aiming to raise aspirations and attainment in young carers, and make students aware of their post-16 options. Compass featured a number of workshops, with activities designed to build soft skills, increase confidence, dispel myths surrounding further and higher education, and give young carers to the tools to map out their education and career paths.

The programme was a huge success and received excellent feedback from our young carers, their families, schools, and local hubs. We have now decided to extend the reach of our support, by making our resources available to anyone who is interested in supporting young carers to achieve their full potential in school, home life and their futures.

This free toolkit includes interactive activities, quizzes, lesson plans, information and links designed to not only help young carers to make informed decisions about their future education and careers, but give them the confidence to communicate and pursue these ideas.

The compass course gave me the edge when targeting my strengths and weaknesses in school-work and in how I go about achieving personal goals

Former Compass participant