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Year 11 Arts and Humanities Summer School

Selwyn College is excited to announce our 2019 Year 11 Summer School, which will take place on 24th – 27th June 2019. Students will stay for three nights at Selwyn College where they will be immersed in university-style teaching, meet current undergraduates and experience life at a top university such as Cambridge.

This Summer School will feature a range of different Arts and Humanities subjects, themed around Italy. Participants will travel (virtually) through the Italian peninsula with University of Cambridge scholars as their guides, covering subjects including English, Linguistics, Film Studies, Languages, Art History, Archaeology and History. The Summer School has been designed to match as closely as possible a real Cambridge student’s experience and so will include lectures followed by supervisions (small group teaching sessions) as well as seminars and workshops.

In the evenings, participants will get involved in social activities, meet their peers from around the UK and have the chance to interact with current undergraduates, university academics and other university staff in a relaxed, informal setting.

Requirements for applicants:
• Currently in Year 11 (or equivalent) and studying at a United Kingdom School
• Studying at least one language GCSE (or equivalent)
• On track or predicted to get at least 7s or As in at least five subjects at GCSE (or equivalent e.g. National 5)
• Will be taking A Levels/International Baccalaureate/Scottish Highers next year
• An interest in Arts/Humanities subjects

Recommended but not required:
• An interest in applying to the University of Cambridge

Beyond the above criteria, priority will also be given to students who meet one of more of the following criteria:
• Have no parental history of attending higher education.
• Live in neighbourhoods with low overall progression rates to higher education.
• Have lived, or are currently living, in local authority care.
• Have been eligible for free school meals within the past five years.
• Are from a group or community currently under-represented at Cambridge.
• Have caring responsibilities for a family member.
• Have a disability

There are only 30 places available for this Summer School so we encourage students to apply soon. Any students who are interested should apply online using the application form.

The application form should be filled in by the applicant themselves and will need to be completed in one sitting (roughly 40 minutes). They will need to hand information about: any completed GCSEs and any predicted GCSE grades they have (or equivalent qualifications), and school details. We will also ask for the contact details of your parent/carer, an emergency contact and one of your school teachers. Your parent/carer and emergency contact details will only be used to obtain permissions and information we require to run the residential, and in case of an emergency. Your teacher details will only be used to ask for a reference in some (but not all) cases. Before you fill in your application, you should check that your contacts are happy for you to provide their details to us.

We will be selecting applicants on the basis of the information provided, prioritising: those we believe would stand to gain the most from this experience; those who show a genuine interest in the subjects on offer and those who have a realistic chance of attending a highly selective university in the future.

Applications will close at 12:00-noon on Wednesday 1st May. Please note all applicants will be contacted after this deadline regarding the outcome of their application, whether successful or otherwise.

We are aware that the GCSE contingency day (Wednesday 26th June) falls within the dates of the Year 11 Summer School. If this date is used, we will keep participants updated on any changes to the event.

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