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Trinity College: Love Languages

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The event is designed to bring language learning to life, help build their confidence and make learning a language exciting for young people. We hope to encourage them to continue with their language learning beyond GCSE and to understand the importance of languages in a global context. Throughout the programme, they’ll learn about the benefits of being multilingual in the working world, practice using their target language inside and outside of the classroom setting and have a go at learning some other languages on offer at the University.

This year long programme aims to highlight the importance of languages and presents key features of language study at the University of Cambridge.


  • Inspire students to continue with their languages beyond GCSE
  • Make language learning interesting and exciting
  • Demonstrate the value of learning other languages and cultures in the working world
  • Build confidence at speaking their target language
  • Raise aspirations towards Higher Education
  • Show them all the different course options and languages on offer at Cambridge

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