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The Oxford Scientist Schools Writing Competition

Schools Writing Competition Trinity Term 2020

A scientific discovery, invention, or advance that still effects the world today.

If you have a discovery, invention or advance which springs to mind, we want to hear about it! Send us though a 700-word essay and you’re in with a chance of having your piece published in The Oxford Scientist and winning a £50 voucher.

You can take your essay in any way you want… How has the discovery of CO2 effected how we grow crops? How has the lightbulb revolutionised homes? How has the contraceptive pill changed women’s bodies and lives? How have antibodies influenced scientific research? Have turbines solved energy problems? How has the telephone effected communications? Have there been any huge advances which were found by accident or as a seemingly irrelevant by-product?

The Oxford Scientist writes on science in all its forms – we want to read about physics, chemistry, maths, biology, medicine, earth sciences, health, psychology, biochemistry, technology, engineering, human sciences and more!

This competition is open to all UK students in years 10-13.

The deadline for essay submissions is Friday 1st May.

For more information on this competition, please go to our website or email

If your school, sixth form or college would like to subscribe to The Oxford Scientist, please contact

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