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Oxplore Live: Would it be better if we all spoke the same language?

Join us LIVE from 2pm on Tuesday 6 February 2018

Join Oxplore for an interactive online event for schools. We’ll be discussing the Big Question ‘Would it be better if we all spoke the same language?’ with specialists from across the University of Oxford. Tune in for debate, competitions, fun facts and the chance to have your say.

This event has been designed with UK school groups from Years 7-13 in mind. The only technical requirements are an internet connection and speakers or headphones. We suggest students can participate either as a class with the web stream on a projector, or individually in a computer classroom.


How can I test if I'll be able to join the live stream from my school?

You can test your school's PC set-up by watching any live event at If you can see and hear a live event, you'll be able to join in. If you aren't able to watch, contact your school IT department for help.

How long will it last?

We expect to be live from 14:00-14:45. You can tune in from a few minutes before we go live.

What will the event be like?

To get an idea of what to expect from an Oxplore Live event, you can watch our last live stream again online.

How can I contact you with any questions?

You can email the Oxplore team at

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