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Oxford Application Information Day

On Saturday 16th September 2017, colleges of the University of Oxford will be hosting the Oxford Application Information Day, offering the chance for Year 13 students to get more information and advice on the Oxford application process. The day is part of the wider Oxford Pathways Programme, and is free to attend.

The Oxford Application Information Day is taking place on Saturday 16th September, and we will be able to offer free accommodation to some attendees on the night of Friday 15th September. Breakfast (for overnight guests) and lunch on Saturday 16th September will also be provided free of charge. We will also have some travel bursaries available to students.

The event will be divided into two streams: one for Year 13s applying to courses in the Humanities or Social Sciences, and another for Year 13s applying to Science courses. These two streams will take place simultaneously in different locations in Oxford. 

The event is open to Year 13 students only, at non-selective state schools or colleges in the UK. It is aimed at those students who have the potential to make a competitive application to the University of Oxford.

The Application Information Day application form and further details can be found on our website at

To apply for a place, each Year 13 students must fill in the online application form ( by Monday 31st July.

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