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Master Classes 2019

We're excited to again be offering our popular series of Subject Masterclasses, aimed at giving attendees the opportunity to delve into a subject of their interest and gain insight into what it is like to study at Cambridge. All of the sessions are delivered by leading Cambridge University researchers, and each Masterclass includes a tour of the college, a talk on preparing a competitive application to Cambridge, and lunch in our newly restored dining hall with current undergraduate students.

Eligibility: Students should be in year 12 (or equivalent), currently studying at a state school, and on track to achieve at least AAA at A level or 41 overall in the IB.

Timing: All of the Masterclasses will run from 10.00am and wrap up by approximately 3.30pm

Cost: There is no charge for our Masterclasses, and a free lunch in the Corpus dining hall is included. We are not able to cover travel expenses to Cambridge, however students who are either (a) In Care or (b) currently eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) may be eligible for reimbursement.

How to Apply: Schools are asked to nominate up to three academically motivated students for each masterclass, using the application form on the website. The dates and subjects will be as follows:

March 18: Psychology
• Dr Susan Imrie: “What makes a family? Using psychology to study family life”
• Kitty Jones: “Parent and child adjustment in UK stay-at-home father families"
• Dr Sarah Foley: “Mind-mindedness: the importance of tuning into others’ thoughts and behaviour”

March 19: Engineering
• Prof Giulia Viggiani: "Artificial Ground Freezing in underground construction: from applications and case studies to fundamental research"
• Prof Richard McMahon
• Simon Birrell "Building Robots"

March 20: Biomedical Sciences
• Dr Ewan St John Smith: 'Pain and Lessons from the Naked Mole-Rat'
• Dr Claudia Bonfio: 'A recipe for life'
• Dr Sam Behjati: 'What causes human cancer?'

March 21: English
• Dr Drew Milne: "Shakespeare and Practical Criticism"
• Other speakers TBC

March 22: History Masterclass: "Feast or Famine"
• Dr Carolyn Cobbold; ‘Food to die for. The normalisation of chemical food ingredients’
• Dr Emma Spary: ‘Butchers of the Revolution’
• Dr Charles Read: ‘Why did so many people die during the Irish Famine?'

March 25: Philosophy
• Prof James Warren
• Dr Ali Boyle
• Dr Owen Griffiths

March 26: Politics
• Dr Aaron Rapport: "The United States: Unrivalled Superpower or Past its Prime?"
• Benjamin Studebaker: "Democracy in Crisis: How We Get Out in One Piece"
• Erik Eggum, "Causes of Interstate War"

March 27: Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature
• Dr Jo Shortt-Butler: 'Medieval Icelandic Literature in Context'
• Dr Ben Guy: 'Searching for King Arthur in a Cambridge Manuscript'
• Dr Anne McLaughlin: 'Meeting Manuscripts in The Parker Library'

March 28: Interdisciplinary Masterclass on Environmental Responsilbity
• Dr Felix Grey: 'Game theory of international collaboration to fight climate change'
• Dr Andrew Davison: 'Have religious traditions been forces for good or ill over environmental responsibility?'

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