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Further Maths — What Next?

Studying Further Maths A-level, but not sure what you want to do at University? Talented at Maths, but not sure you want to do something that abstract at Uni? Want to know a bit more about Maths–related degree subjects that don't appear on the school curriculum?

Oxford University is delighted to welcome A-level students, from UK schools, to the 'Further Maths — What Next?' event. The day draws together subject areas from across the University which are suitable for prospective students with a real aptitude for Maths. Participants will attend a range of short taster sessions on subjects that list Further Maths as either a 'highly desirable' or 'helpful' A-level for Oxford applicants to have. You will get the most out of this day if you are also taking Chemistry or Physics at A Level.

During the day, participants will:

  • Attend sample lectures and talks — from familiar subjects, to others not on the school curriculum.
  • Learn about the Oxford application process — explore the process with an Oxford tutor.
  • Talk to current Oxford University students — and hear what students do with their day.
  • See a demonstration interview — watch a current Oxford student being interviewed with unseen questions, to get a feel of how interviews work.
  • Visit an Oxford college — find out what it's really like to live and study at Oxford.

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