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Cambridge Physics Centre Lectures

This lecture series is aimed at those in years 12 and 13, and exists to enthuse, stimulate and challenge students and their teachers across the whole broad spectrum of physics-related topics.

Thursday 18th October 2018
Topic: Transient astronomy: bursts, bangs and things that go bump in the night
Speaker: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Thursday 15th November 2018
Topic: Exotic Magnetism: monopoles, and emergent order
Speaker: Dr Sian Dutton

Thursday 6th December 2018
Topic: Coffee Beans: Pressure, volume and temperature
Speaker: Dr Bill Proud

Thursday 24th January 2019
Topic: The fibre optic internet
Speaker: Dr Seb Savory

Thursday 28th February 2019
Topic: Crossrail and other large tunnels around the world
Speaker: Prof Lord Robert Mair

Thursday 21st March 2019
Topic: Einstein, General Relativity and Gravitational Waves
Speaker: Prof Malcolm Longair

No booking required and for those travelling longer distances tea, coffee and biscuits are provided from 5pm.

450 seats are available. It is advisable for schools to arrive between 5pm and 5:45pm.

For more information visit the website.

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