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AV Ancient World Competition

Our annual video competition has had a makeover and 2019’s competition is bigger and better than ever. We want you to communicate the ancient world through ANY type of Audio-Visual format you like. Of course, this can still be film clips but feel free to change things up with a photography series, perhaps a podcast or music recording or even a dance performance!

We are looking for creative and exciting entries that explore the ancient world and present it in a new media format.


Teams can have up to 4 members, from year 9 to year 13 (ages 13-19.)


You do not all have to appear in the piece as you may wish to spread the tasks involved, such as directing, recording, editing and presenting/performing. You can also apply as an individual.


Select a topic: This year your piece can be centred on either discord or metamorphosis in the ancient world. You might look to answer a historical question, consider a piece of ancient literature or Greek Tragedy, or discuss an ancient object or ancient city.


Choose the Audio-visual format you think would work best to present your topic. Make sure that your piece looks and/or sounds thought-provoking and appealing. Remember that you want to interest and intrigue your audience – and the judges!


  • Video and music clips up to 4 minutes

  • Podcasts up to 8 minutes


The prize will be a share of £500 as well as being published on our website and social media pages for all too see.


The judges will be looking for creative and exciting entries that have used your chosen media format effectively to bring the subject to life.

To enter a video or audio clip or to read more on how to apply please click here

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