Wadham College IAG Roadshow

In early July, Wadham College, Oxford, delivered a roadshow of IAG sessions mainly for Year 7, 8, 9, 10 students. Around 1000 students in total took part. Sessions were interactive and focused on higher education more broadly, along with course choice, A Level choice, and career progression. Three current Oxford students were on hand to speak about their own experiences of studying at the University.

84% of the participants surveyed felt that they understood the differences between school study and university study as a result of the IAG session, which one of of the key aims of the talks, and 74% agreed or strongly agreed that they were more motivated to do well in their school work following the roadshow.

"I really liked the talk and feel I know a lot more about university and what to do to get a course I want."

Year 9 student from Drapers’ Academy, Havering

"It was good and interesting and covered lots of topics."

Year 10 student from Gaynes School, Havering

"It was a very understanding talk which answered any previous questions. Also, I learnt more about university."

Year 9 student from Hall Mead School, Havering

"Thank you for the talk and I really appreciated it. This has made me more motivated to go to university."

Student from St Edward’s School, Havering