Girls Into Science

Somerville College, Oxford, hosted the residential event 'Girls Into Science' from 4 April 2016 to 6 April 2016. This event was co-organised between Somerville College and the MPLS division, and the target audience were Year 10 girls from schools within our link region (Hounslow, Buckinghamshire, Kingston Upon Thames) with particularly low success rates in applying to Oxford and Cambridge. Thirty girls were invited to spend three days and two nights in Somerville College, the aim of the event being to:

1) rectify the gender imbalance that is consistently observed in science degrees

2) inspire interest in Higher Education, and in particular science degrees

3) provide taster sessions to an audience that has not had the opportunity to experience a HE environment so far

4) provide information with respect to career paths and options to which science degrees lead

5) provide a real life role model through a keynote talk by a successful female scientist (Alison Noble)

6) achieve all the above in an environment both academic (ie taster sessions, talks, activities in a variety of departments across Oxford) and sociable (ie recruited five student ambassadors in charge of a group of six each, movie night, bus trip around Oxford)

7) provide a free of cost opportunity to attend an educational trip for students from schools with relatively limited resources