Classics in Communities

In June 2016, the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the UK, Mr. Konstantinos Bikas, and the Classics in Communities project hosted an event for 80 people celebrating the teaching of Greek language and culture in the UK at the Hellenic Centre in London.

The event had multiple aims: to bring together a variety of teachers, committees and associations to discuss the state of Greek language and culture education in the UK; to anticipate and confront the challenges; and to collaborate to find solutions and action plans for its survival and growth. The programme included updates from Classics in Communities, the Classical Association’s outreach officer, The Greek Archaeological Committee in the UK, the Welsh Classics hub, teachers of New Testament Greek, teachers of modern Greek and museum professionals. Six teachers of Classics Greek (including two who teach in state schools, one in a primary school and one who organises a summer school) outlined some of the challenges facing Greek language education in UK schools.

The opportunity for primary teachers, secondary teachers, academics and subject association representatives to communicate openly and productively across educational sectors was incredibly valuable. There were many important conversations throughout the day which helped consolidate our collective efforts and identify key areas for future development to secure and extend Greek provision in schools. The outcome of these discussions will form the basis of discussions at a strategic level in due course.